Specialist Competition Plough Accessories

Developed over the years by Wright Engineering with the help of plough men from all over the world.

AB Conventional Plough Accessories

The latest attachements developed for the latest Kverneland AB Plough.


Two Furrow Conventional Plough 

A wide selection of accessories and parts developed over decades of years.


Reversible Plough Accessories

Designed specifically for a reversible plough, we can supply you with the best parts in competition ploughing.


How it Began

Robert Wright started the designing of plough accessories when he himself was a main competitor.


Wright Engineering Today

The skills and designs are ever being developed to maintain the latest technology and passed on to the next generations.


AB Style Plough

Latest plough parts and accessories newly developed to acheive the best results in competition.

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2 Furrow Conventional Plough

Traditional & competition plough parts developed over decades of work and experience.

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Reversible Plough

Specialist parts and accessories designed unique to the reversible plough.

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Ransomes TS86 Plough

Recreating this popular Classic Competition Plough for the dedicated Ransomes vintage enthusiast.

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About Wright Engineering

Wright Engineering produces specialist custom made plough accessories and attachment parts for most Competition Ploughs, specialising in Kverneland. These attachments are developed to help save time and effort during competitions, enabling the user to get the best results possible from their plough.

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Other Products

  • Hydraulic Bale Clamps
  • Bale Spikes
  • Harvester Conversions
  • Metal Engineering
  • Gates & Railings
  • Hydraulic and Conventional Buckrakes
  • Hydraulic Ram/Hoses, Fittings & Repairs

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