Reversible Plough

Bogie Wheel Depth Adjuster Unit

This Adjuster Unit will allow control of the furrow depth maintaining a constant level regardless of ground conditions. Adjustable via the spool valve the hydraulic ram configuration automatically syncronises both bogie units leaving settings identical for both directions. Click on the video links to see the Bogie Wheel in operation.

For more detailed information on the Bogie Wheel Unit click here.

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Rear Leg and Body Assembly Lifting Mechanism

This unit has been designed to ensure it is compatible with the new type quick adjust disc arms.

rear leg lifting mechanism 1

rear leg lifting mechanism 2

rear leg lifting mechanism 3

AB Plough8

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Front Wheel Unit

(available with hydraulic or manual vertical adjustment, photo shows manual style adjustment)
This wheel unit can either run on top of the unploughed land or in the furrow via approximately 300mm of horizontal manual adjustment. Vertical adjustment can be either Manual or Hydraulic. This wheel unit helps control the front furrow depth more easily and stabilises the whole front end of the plough; it also contributes greatly to good "ins" and "outs".

Front Wheel Unit 1

Front Wheel Unit 2

Front Wheel Unit 3


Front Wheel Unit 4


Clamp On Quick Adjust Disc Arm Unit (New AB Style)

To accommodate different plough mould boards, this has adjustment both fore and aft. It is also designed to work along side both, rear leg lifting unit and front depth wheel unit.

Quick Adjust Disc Arm Unit 1

Quick Adjust Disc Arm Unit 2

Quick Adjust Disc Arm Unit 3


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Spring Loaded Presser Unit

This unit allows a greater scope of adjustment as required in and around the opening and the finish of the ploughing. A nylon plate is used to create a non stick surface which prevents soil adhesion. The spring loaded arm can be adjusted to allow variable pressure to be applied giving the desired effect.

Spring Loaded Pressure Unit 1

Presser Unit Back Plate

Spring Loaded Presser Unit 2

Adjustment Guides

Plough Width Adjuster 1

Plough Width Adjuster 2

Plough Width Adjuster 3

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Hydraulic Top Link

Top Link 1

Top Link 2

Top Link 3


Please Note:
Wright Engineering continue to develop all plough accessories shown on this site and our most resent designs may differ slightly from what is shown. We are constantly developing our parts, and we believe this will improve our finished products and you will be receiving our latest products available at all times. Wright engineering reserve the right to modify or alter any parts as they deem improvement, these modifications may not be illustrated in photos contained within this website. Any parts or attachments dispatched will have the latest modifications unless otherwise agreed in advance. Should you require older attachments, please contact us before ordering and explain your requirements in detail. We will endeavour to meet your needs.

About Wright Engineering

Wright Engineering produces specialist custom made plough accessories and attachment parts for most Competition Ploughs, specialising in Kverneland. These attachments are developed to help save time and effort during competitions, enabling the user to get the best results possible from their plough.

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